Thursday, 29 November 2012

Avast Antivirus 2012 with one year license key free download Pro v7.0 full version Latest

The process will register your Avast free antivirus for one year without any serial key or registration key. it means it will register for one year without any cost. But the antivirus feature are limited. You can not use all the features. But the feature those are activated are sufficient for personal use or in a home computer. Also See: AVG Antivirus 2012  v 12.0.1901 free download full version To do so follow these steps: 1. Install the application. 2. Now open Avast user interface by double clicking the mouse on shortcut icon on desktop. 3. Now click on "maintaince" tab on the left side of the open window. 4. Now select "registration". 5. Now on the right side you will find the Current status as unregistered. 6. Now on the "registration Information" click on "Register Now" 7. Now it will retrieve some information from your system and ask towait some time. 8. Now a ne window will be open which will show your the type of registration on Avast. 9. Now select "Stay with avast free antivirus" and click on register. 10. Now it will again retrieve some information and ask to wait some time. 11. Now a new window for registration asking your tittle,name,email,country and from where you know about this will be opene
d. 12. Now fill the information on the desired place and click on "Register For free licenese" 13. Now it will again retrieve some informationand ask to wait some time. 14. Now it will show an confirmation message that your one year registartion for the program has succesfully done. Also See: Check your Antivirus Program whether it is working or not 15. You can verify the registration status on "Registration" in "Maintance " tab. 16. you will find the status as registered and on Registration information it will show that it is registered for one year from the registration date.

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